Awaza is the most popular sea resort center (10 km from Turkmenbashi) that is promising much in future.

The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Awaza is Turkmenistan’s sea Klondike. Not joining it to the complex reforming program would impoverish their content, would not allow to realize so vital for us pilot project. It must accumulate in it the world experience creating such zones; at the same time, it have to provide for every eventually of realization of our own Turkmen model of effective administration and management in current market relations as well as world economic integration.

From geographic and economic viewpoint, Turkmenbashy seaport town considered the Seagate of Central Asia. The Caspian Sea extends about 1210km in a northern and southern direction and about 210 to 436 km in an eastern and western direction. It has an area of 371,000 sq km. The sea has numerous tributaries, notably the Volga, Ural, Kura, Terek and Emba rivers. The Caspian Sea basin is also loaded in valuable fish species such as sturgeon, sprats, grey mullet, common carp and roach. Another precious fish beluga inhabits only coastal waters of the Caspian Sea. Within the independence years, Turkmenistan became a member of various international conventions such us Convention on Biological Diversity. Taking into account its geographical position, wonderful natural and climatic conditions environmental biodiversity and aimed sustainable treatment the environment and conserve the nature for future generations, Turkmenistan has signed and ratified several global ecological conventions – the Convention on Biological Diversity in Rio de Janeiro, the UN Convention on Climate change Restriction and the UN Project Against Desertification Convention. The nature itself presented this heavenly place abundantly with several kilometer-long golden beaches, astonishing seascape and salubrious climate. “Recreation pearl of East”, - it is the name given to Awaza by foreign tourism catalogue. Awaza – paradise sea corner built in tree stage. On the first stage already developed 750ga. There build more than 30 hotels, recreation centers, cottages. There will be built more than 60 hotels different categories, boarding houses, health centers, sport, cultural, trade and entertainment buildings that will satisfy all the world standards.